For over 30 years, David and Andy Margereson have devoted the majority of their spare time to the preservation and welfare of the Northern goshawk(Accipiter Gentilis).  The last five years have been given over almost entirely to carrying out an extensive breeding programme. Attempting to produce a true Nordic Finnish goshawk. A comprehensive study of the behavioural patterns of the goshawk was undertaken in the project. This included following the Hawks into the skies in microlight aircraft (Andy and David are both accomplished pilots), affording them an entirely new perspective of the birds in their own environment. Intensive dietary study's formed a large part of this mammoth undertaking, all of which has  added to the knowledge of this dedicated couple and is now being brought to the welfare of these magnificent birds. Recently Derbyshire Goshawks has been joined by David's son Wayne who brings with him a whole new spectrum of countrymen knowledge. Having spent the majority of his working life as a gamekeeper. His years of caring for the land, the game, the game birds and of course the skills of flying and training his beloved Hawks, giving him a unique insight into the delicate balance between hunter hunted and habitat.

These three highly experienced and single-minded people come together and form the team that now is

An indication of the high regard they command, not only in this country but throughout the world.

We believe that Derbyshire Goshawks are the only people to be  certificated by the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) to import goshawks from the wild in Finland to this country for breeding purposes since 1979.


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